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Do you perform clock repair?

Yes!  We repair most types of clocks from the 1700's to modern day.  We repair Black Forest cuckoo clocks.  We repair grandfather clocks and other very large clocks with our in-home service.

How much will it cost to fix my clock?

Clock repairs vary greatly in cost depending on the type of clock and the amount of repair required.  Most clock service, which includes oiling and adjusting, costs $120

Serious repair and rebuilds start at $300.  This type of repair involves taking the clock movement apart, cleaning the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner, polishing all clock pivots and installing any needed bushings.

My clock is wound tight yet still won't run.  How can I fix this problem?

A clock with a mainspring that is wound tight is a clock at full power.  The tightness of the spring is not the problem.  The clock won't run because of problems with the movement.  Clocks need to be serviced and oiled every 3-5 years.  Most people neglect the servicing of their clock, which means the movement becomes dirty and dry.  The moving parts can seize up or just plain wear out due to this neglect.  

We like to compare the servicing of clocks to maintaining automobiles.  If you drive your car for 10 years without changing the oil, the engine will eventually seize up or wear out.  If you don't periodically service your clock, the moving parts will seize up or wear out.  If your car won't start, check the fuel in the tank.  If your clock won't run, check to make sure the spring is wound tight.  If the clock is wound or if there is fuel in the car's tank, then the problem is elsewhere in the clock or car.   You will need to get a automobile mechanic to repair and fix your car;  you will need a competent clockmaker to repair and fix your clock.  It is truly that simple!

Can I oil my clock with a spray lubricant such as WD-40?


No competent clockmaker would ever suggest this action! 
Spraying lubricant all over your clock movement has short term benefits and will cause long term problems.  These improper lubricants will dry to a gummy residue that will collect dirt and will cause the clock to run slow or stop.   This gummy residue can also cause damage to the clock movement and create the need for a rebuild of the clock.

Do you perform watch repair?

We do not currently perform watch repair.

Thee Clockmaker's Shoppe

(352) 735-5200
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